Recently we presented our new creation Heavenly eclairs with cream filling, which was awarded the gold medal as the Product of the Year of Lithuania 2013, organized for many years by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. A crispy shell of the eclair and the cream filling create an exceptional harmony of taste for a unique experience enjoying this product. For a long time we searched for the recipe of the cream filling, until it allowed for the shell of the eclair to remain crispy and for the filling not to be soaked into the eclair, so that the eclair does not become soft or cave. At the same time the eclair protects the cream from drying. This outstanding taste of Heavenly eclairs was properly evaluated. It is a very good achievement and an excellent evaluation of our work, of which we are very proud. As we constantly strive for improvement and do not want to disappoint our clients, we believe that this is not our last evaluation.

We are members of Chamber. It is a German – Baltic Trade Chamber, uniting 400 companies from the Baltic Region, the objective of this organization is to promote trade between German and Baltic countries. The production and products of companies which belong to this organization are set high quality standards and requirements. Joining the German – Baltic Trade Chamber only encouraged us to strive for the highest quality and the best taste ratio for our production. 


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